Friday, April 27, 2007

Broken Coffee Maker and stuff

Well my coffee maker broke on me. Well more precisely the grinder part broke. I'm pretty upset by this as I'm a huge caffeine addict. So....of I went and bought a new coffee maker. I got another Cuisinart, this one is just a plain coffee maker. I'm going to stay away from those grind and brews, the concept is nice but they sure are a pain to clean. I got a separate mill for my whole beans. Hopefully I have no problems with this one. Thanks Mom for the gift card! Sorry I didn't buy the dish set I wanted, but coffee is much more important!

As for the stuff...I've been working real hard on my knitting. Hopefully I'll have my top finished by my birthday. I also started a log cabin knitted dog bed since Betty loves to rip her fabric ones. No time line for that since I work on it when I need a break from the top.

Books: I finished reading the first 5 books of the series Keys to the Kingdom. I really enjoyed them. I can't wait for the next one to come out, which will probably be next year. It's a good series to get into, especially since Harry Potter will be ending in a few months. Lately I've been buying too many books. It's such a bad habit, I can't help myself. I'll go to PetCo for dog food and since Borders is RIGHT THERE I have to stop in and look around. I don't think I ever walked out without buying a book or magazine. Those books seduce me! They whisper in my ear and I just have to listen to them. Oh you naughty little books!!