Thursday, May 17, 2007

Knitting List

I decided to add a little list of forthcoming knitting. I tend to forget what I'm suppose to do and why I have two drawer-fulls of yarn. I've been trying to add progress bars like I see on so many blogs, but I keep doing something wrong with the coding, I'll figure it out though. Currently this is just a list of stuff I want to make, have the yarn for, but not yet cast-on.

The Lineup:
  1. Felted Messenger Bag in Patons SWS
  2. Cabled Jacket in RYC Soft Tweed
  3. First Pair of Socks in Regia Tweed
  4. Lace Shawl/Wrap in Lane Borgosesia Oceano
  5. Microspun Top in Lion Brand Microspun (My own design!)

I've been playing around with the demo version of Knitware and for a demo it offers a lot that you can do. I designed a cute little top for the microspun yarn, which is so much softer than I expected. I normally rather not have a top of 100% acrylic, since it can get to hot and sticky. Hopefully it won't be too bad.

The bad news is that school started again and I'm taking a full load this summer. I won't have much time for knitting or much else of what I love. :-(

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