Saturday, May 12, 2007

Knitting Progress and Wildfires

Knitting Update:

I'm so happy to report that I'm halfway through the bust increases for the Soleil tank. I pushing to get this finished at least by my birthday so I can wear during the summer. I can't wait to see how this fits. I'm hoping that I don't have any fit problems, I would hate to rip this out. Next up on the knitting list is either a lace project with some beautiful yarn I just bought at Red Needle Yarns or another tank top/tee shirt with Lion Brand Microspun yarn. There are so many projects I want to make I can't decide. I also want to eventually get to a winter jacket and some socks, but these won't be until the end of summer.


The smoke from the wildfires has been so bad here. The fires are mostly north of the Tampa Bay region and the wind is pushing the smoke down. It was sooooo hazy yesterday that visibility was down to half a mile. I had ash all over my truck, too. These conditions are horrible for my allergies. Yesterday I was close to having a asthma attack twice! I hope we get some relief soon. I hope this year's hurricane season is not to bad, but I rather not have a wildfire summer (like we did in '98). Rain please, Rain please!

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