Friday, August 24, 2007

Dugan's Car Ride

A little while ago I had to take Dugan to the vet. Thankfully, Dugan loves his car rides. So, into my SUV we go and headed off to the vet. He laid down in the back and got all comfy and such. While stopped at a red light, Dugan gets up and is sniffing like mad. He's looking out the window and whining like crazy. So I look over to see what the fuss is about:

Me: What is Dugan?
Dugan: whine, whine, WHINE! (translation: I want McDonald's!)
M: No, we're not stopping! We're already running late.
D: whine whine Whine! (But, they have a drive-thru!)
M: I said no!
D: whine whine Whine! (But I want a happy meal!)
M: I don't care if you want a happy meal! Look the light turned green, lay down and give it a rest.
D: whimper, whimper, WHINE! (You're so mean!)

So we arrived at the vet on time and I promised Dugan I'll get him a treat later. At the vet, I discovered that my big boy, is indeed a really BIG boy. He topped the scale at 95 pounds. Not completely unheard of for a greyhound, but it's not something you see everyday. Also found out that Dugan has extremely low thyroid levels, which means he's hypothyroid. He'll need to be on medicine for the rest of his life, but it also explains why he gained so much weight so quickly. Unfortunately, Dugan really didn't like going to the vet and gave me attitude for the rest of the day. He's such a brat!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

A little love from Starbucks

So the other day I went to get the mail and found an yellow envelope waiting for me. It came from Starbucks. I thought, "gee, I haven't ordered anything from them." So I raced inside and ripped it open. Inside I found a little card stating that they were very happy that I was such a good customer and for being so loyal and such, here's a complimentary CD. Which brought two very important questions to my mind:
  1. Just how much money did I spend at Starbucks?? I love those rechargeable gift cards, they refill themselves like magic. (Only because I set it up that way, but please let me pretend.)
  2. Who are the Low Stars??
I ignored the dreaded thought of what one needs to spend at Starbucks before being graced with a $15 gift and decided to focus on the CD. So I pop the CD into my car and took a drive. We do our best thinking in the car, don't we? Well, at least I do. So a couple of first thoughts on the music: very folk/americana type, nice and acoustic and early Eagles. Not that those are bad things, far from it since its such a nice departure from the some of the music that's clogging the airways today. Honestly, I don't really listen to the radio that much anymore. They are either playing crappy music, a commercial or flapping their mouths about the latest stupid celebrity. Anywho, this music is nice, soothing and has such a honest feel about that I was really surprised and happy that Starbucks selected it for me. I like surprises, especially good ones. So here are some more thoughts on the album, you can go to their myspace page to take a listen and learn some more about Low Stars:
  • Keep a tissue handy song: Can't Live Without Your Love
  • Get up and dance song: Just Around the Corner
  • Favorite Sing-along song: Mexico
  • All-Around Best feel good song: Calling All Friends
Honestly, I loved the album and really like how laid back it felt. And while it there's a throwback feeling to the great groups of 1960s/1970s, you don't have to be from that time period to enjoy it. This is a group of musicians who obviously care about the music they produce, and that shows through on the album. That care and love of music is what makes this a good album.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

An update and pic of Dugan

So I'm lazy and I forgot to update the blog. :-( Not much going on in the knitting front. I'm still no further along on the Soleil and I almost got one sock done. I wish I could just get something finished, I really need that sense of accomplishment right now. On the reading front, I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I loved it! I won't go into detail in this post since I want to reread books 5 and 6 again before posting completely on the series. I'm not reading anything at the moment so it will be a while before the next book review, unless I find some time...
Speaking of relaxing and finding time, here's a picture of Dugan doing what he does best, sleeping:

Oh, BTW that green and white blanket is something I crocheted. The hounds love it and drag it all over the house. I'm so glad it's made out of Red Heart Super Saver. :-)