Thursday, August 9, 2007

A little love from Starbucks

So the other day I went to get the mail and found an yellow envelope waiting for me. It came from Starbucks. I thought, "gee, I haven't ordered anything from them." So I raced inside and ripped it open. Inside I found a little card stating that they were very happy that I was such a good customer and for being so loyal and such, here's a complimentary CD. Which brought two very important questions to my mind:
  1. Just how much money did I spend at Starbucks?? I love those rechargeable gift cards, they refill themselves like magic. (Only because I set it up that way, but please let me pretend.)
  2. Who are the Low Stars??
I ignored the dreaded thought of what one needs to spend at Starbucks before being graced with a $15 gift and decided to focus on the CD. So I pop the CD into my car and took a drive. We do our best thinking in the car, don't we? Well, at least I do. So a couple of first thoughts on the music: very folk/americana type, nice and acoustic and early Eagles. Not that those are bad things, far from it since its such a nice departure from the some of the music that's clogging the airways today. Honestly, I don't really listen to the radio that much anymore. They are either playing crappy music, a commercial or flapping their mouths about the latest stupid celebrity. Anywho, this music is nice, soothing and has such a honest feel about that I was really surprised and happy that Starbucks selected it for me. I like surprises, especially good ones. So here are some more thoughts on the album, you can go to their myspace page to take a listen and learn some more about Low Stars:
  • Keep a tissue handy song: Can't Live Without Your Love
  • Get up and dance song: Just Around the Corner
  • Favorite Sing-along song: Mexico
  • All-Around Best feel good song: Calling All Friends
Honestly, I loved the album and really like how laid back it felt. And while it there's a throwback feeling to the great groups of 1960s/1970s, you don't have to be from that time period to enjoy it. This is a group of musicians who obviously care about the music they produce, and that shows through on the album. That care and love of music is what makes this a good album.

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Jenn said...

Cool! I am jealous. You were onto something always putting money onto the card. I will have to start doing that because they have never rewarded me for my addiction!