Monday, September 3, 2007

Betty Denied

I do some volunteer work with the Greyhound Rescue group I got my babies from. Yesterday we had a meet and greet at a local dog expo. So I got ready and pulled out my greyhound shirt. Well both Betty and Dugan got really excited! They knew what that shirt meant! They love meeting and greeting people and letting everyone know how great greyhounds are. However, I was only taking Dugan to this event, since it was going to be all morning. I snapped Dugan into his harness and Betty got all excited, she was bouncing around (which was comical because of her arthritis). But she was so upset when I told her that she wasn't going. I loaded Dugan into the car and Betty just stood there pouting:

Betty: Why does he get to go?
Me: This event will be too much for you Betty.
B: Please bring me!
M: Next time, I promise!
B: That's not fair! You used to take me all the time!
M: You can't do these anymore because of your arthritis. I worry about you. Now take care of the house, I'll see you later. (kiss, kiss)

I just knew I was going to get it when I got home. When I went upstairs I found a plastic bag all ripped up and trash strewed around the den. Yup, she was mad at me. However, Betty still got the last laugh. Dugan got microchipped at the Expo. He came back all whiny and still slightly bleeding from where he got injected. My poor baby...

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