Monday, August 17, 2009

In Search of Yellow Yarn, Part 1

So on Ravelry there's a group called the Sock Knitter's Anonymous (SKA for short) and each month there's a sock challenge for a knitter to broaden their skills. Next month kicks off the new challenge year and there's a mystery sock being designed by Nancy Bush. (how cool is that?) So I'm all excited about this! The challenge of course was that the socks need to be knit in yellow yarn. That fine by me, yellow is not a color I normally wear though. My pale skin is better suited to cooler colors. But socks go on the feet and most people don't see them anyway why not a understated yellow?

So began the quest to find an understated yellow sock yarn. Something that doesn't scream YELLOW at you, maybe even a gold color that envokes a rich field of sunflowers. So I got a few suggestions and went off in search of this elusive color.

My first stop was Etsy to find some indie dyers who might have yellow sock yarn. I found some gorgeous colors and dyers! After much browsing I came across The March Hare. She sells sock yarn and roving from her sheep, which is good because one of these days I'm going to learn to spin. I love that she has semi-solids. I have nothing against handpainted multicolor skeins, but they don't work for all knits. And lately I'm into semi-solids. Prices were very reasonable considering the price of some hand-dyed yarns and one skein is enough for a pair of adult socks. It is even wound up in a nice yarn cake for you (I wish my yarn cakes were this nicely wound). And for some reason I really like the smell of this yarn (yes, I said smell). It's very pleasant and sheepy. :-) I narrowed my yellow search to two colors, Summer Sun and Fields of Barley. Since I love autumn colors and next month starts autumn I went with Fields of Barley. So done and ordered, I continued to browse on for more options!

Continuing on the quest for yellow yarn I came across a new to me yarn shop called Eat.Sleep.Knit. out of Georgia. I live in a location where my closest yarn shop is JoAnn's and that is more miss than hit these days. So I'm always happy to find shops that specialize in sock yarn and hand-dyed yarn. There's something that is surprising and wonderful about hand-dyed yarn. Anywho, Eat.Sleep.Knit. has a nice selection of yarn from top dyers like Dream in Color, Pagewood Farms, Lorna's Laces and Shibui Knits. There's also a few I'm not quite as familiar with and all are absolutely beautiful. Prices are comparable to what you pay for these yarns at other locations. However, they do have a nice frequent buyer program to earn free yarn and stuff. Plus they ship with your order a scratch-off lotto-type card for a chance to win stuff. I got $5 credit! I had a hard time deciding on what to get. In the end, I settled on Pagewood Farm Alyeska in Golden and Yarn Love Elizabeth Bennet in Daffodil Butter. Both looked great and yellow to meet the terms of my search. So I ordered and waited to see what my findings bring.

Next: What you see is not always what you get...

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