Monday, August 17, 2009

In Search of Yellow Yarn, Part 2

The packages arrived and I got to see my new little yarns up close and personal. I have to say, computer screens lie. I was not disappointed with the quality of the yarn nor the service from these two shops. And I will order from them again! But I sometimes forget that computer screens lie about what color you might be getting...

The Eat.Sleep.Knit. order came in first considering Florida's proximity to Georgia. So I opened my package to see what I got. The first one I opened was the Yarn Love as I was thinking, based on the picture on the website, this would be the best choice for the challenge. I was a bit disappointed when the yarn turned out to be more on the green side than the yellow side. It's very pretty and really soft and silky. But the color is a yellow-green with touches of yellow throughout. It's very spring-like. I still love it, but it's being set aside for another challenge, maybe something with lace. Here's a picture that I touched up a bit since the original pic looked really washed out (I think part of the problem is that this yarn doesn't photograph well):

Even on the Yarn Love website it looks more yellow than the green I got. But that's okay, I really can see this as some Spring Lace socks.

I then unwrapped the Pagewood Farms Golden. First off, this yarn is soft and just wonderful to touch! However, as I sat staring at my new acquisition, I was sad to see that this looked more orange than yellow. What really frustrates me is that this color was specifically recommended to me for this challenge. I still love it, but I'm now hesitating to use this for the challenge. To my eyes, it's orange. But if you hold it in the sun it looks more yellow. It has some great definition to it though. The tones range from very light to dark gold. And the yarn is a bit plumper than some sock yarns I've used. I still love it, and the yarn is really screaming to be cables. Maybe something from Yarnissima?

So now everything is riding on Fields of Barley.

In comes my last package. I rip into it, hoping that it'll be the yarn for the challenge. At first glance, it looked like this was it, but then, with further study...the yarn color looked very familiar. Yep, it was the same color as Pagewood Farms Golden. I was crestfallen. So I held both in the sun and hoped I can spot differences. It seems the FofB is more solidly dyed than the Golden and is not nearly as plump. It is soft and smooth with a nice smell. I also like that it is closer to the gauge I prefer to knit my socks at (8 sts per inch).

It was still that yellow-orange color that is making me think twice for using it for this challenge. I love the color (obviously since I bought it twice from two different vendors), I love that it is perfect for autumn, but the challenge is for yellow yarn. But I'm not in the mood to buy more yarn. (though it is soooo tempting!) I've see plenty of yellow yarns that will be just perfect, but then again I thought that for these three yarns as well. And I'm trying to lighten the stash load.

In my mind this is a challenge without too many rigid rules. It said yellow yarn. It didn't specify what kind of yellow. And surely a orangey yellow is just as good as a bright yellow or a neon yellow. I've decided that depending on the gauge of the mystery sock it's going to be either Pagewood Farms Golden or The March Hare FofB. Rumor has it that the yarn called for is going to be on the thin side. If so The March Hare is ready and willing to become knitted into a mystery sock!

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