Saturday, August 14, 2010

Back from a year break...

Sometimes a lot happens in a year and you just really want to focus on those immediate moments. This past year, I moved full-time back into my parents house. I got promoted to full-time. I got depressed and tired. I found out my dog, Dugan, has bone cancer and COPD. My parents had health issues. I bought a new house. I moved out. My great-aunt, who was more of a grandmother to me, died. I had fun with friends and saw fireworks in St Augustine. It's been busy, and through it all I just wanted to stay offline and let myself live my life.

So this year, for some reason my years run from summer to summer, I got a lot more to look forward too. There's new knitting to be done. Quilts to be finished. And recipes to share! Let's see how well I keep this resolution! :-)

Stay tuned for Monday. It's canning day! And I plan on making some Garlic Jelly! Oh, yes, this should be fun! :D

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