Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nice to be back knitting

I took a long break from knitting mostly because of how much pain I had in my hands. It's nice that getting away from gluten has helped that. I pretty much have no pain anymore. My headaches went down and so has my stomach issues. It's wonderful to feel better about something. I also have energy again! So here's what I've been knitting:

For my friend's niece: adorable baby sweater! No pictures yet, but I'm going to take some soon!
For myself: A simple vest with a little colorwork band. No pictures yet, this probably won't be ready until Autumn.
For my aunt: Socks! I promised her socks a long time ago, well they are almost done! so there! Here's a progress shot, it's part of the Ravelry group's Sock Knitters Anonymous March Mystery Sock challenge! I love how they are turning out! I may need to make a pair for myself!

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