Monday, January 16, 2012

New year!

It seems this poor blog gets forgotten about quite often.  :-(   Well, I'll try better to keep it up.  :-)  For the first post of the new year, here's a little something my friend and I did yesterday: Orange-Cardamom Curd.

After reading the comments of the post I saw that about a 1/4 c of zest and 1/2 c of juice was needed for the recipe.  This is good to know since I was using Florida oranges.  They're smaller than navel oranges but just as juicy.  I needed the zest of three oranges, but only needed to juice two.

I really love how this came out.  The recipe only makes a pint.  I put it into two half-pint jars and one of those jars is already half-empty!  It went great on the gluten-free cinnamon-raisin bread I baked. So tasty!  Now I need to make some waffles or muffins for the rest of the curd.

Be warned!  It took a long time for us to make curd.  I think we had the heat too low.  All the other recipes I've read for curd say that it should take 10 - 20 minutes to thicken.  Ours took a lot longer than that.  Even my friend said she remembers it taking quite a bit of cooking and stirring before her first effort at lemon curd thickened.  I never made curd before and this was quite an experience.  As tasty as it is right off the stove, I think letting it cool and thicken really brought the sunshine out on this treat.  It's on my "to make again" list but you have to be someone really special to get a jar of it from me.  ;-)