Saturday, July 7, 2012

About the Ravellenic Games 2012

Since 2008,, a social network site for knitters, crocheters, spinners and weavers, has hosted a challenge in during the Olympic Games.  The challenge is to start and complete a knitted/crocheted/weaved/spun object without the time-frame of the Games: 17 days.  One can also work on some WIPs and get them completed in the same time-frame.

It was previously called Ravelympics, but the name change is due to some legal issues.

Moving along, I'm excited by this year's challenge.  I've competed in both the 2008 challenge and the 2010 challenge.  In 2008, I actually completed the challenge, not so much for 2010.  This time around, I have a lot lined up and am looking forward to making some great knit-wear!  I'm hoping to finish a baby sweater for the niece; some washcloths for gifts, and hopefully, my dad's socks.  This year, I'm on Team TARDIS, so my little picture over there on the side is a mash-up of My Little Pony and Doctor Who.  Why?....Why not?  Those two just bring a smile to my face and make me happy.  ;-)

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