Sunday, July 15, 2012

The skirt comes together - Simplicity 1910

The whole skirt is almost done.  I'm finishing up the slip/petticoat that gives the skirt its poofiness. Here's some pictures of the overskirt/main skirt and being modeled by Mary.  I haven't hemmed the main skirt yet and that's actually going to be the last thing I do, just in case it needs to be a different length than called for.  These pics are without the slip/petticoat so you can't see just how poofy the skirt is.

 This is the skirt front.  You can see how the pleating in the skirt helps give the skirt the fullness and a little decorative touch.  The bodice still needs to be added to the skirt.  -->

<-- This is the back.  There's also pleating back here to give it that some poof.  You can also see how long the main skirt is.  The overskirt will be pulled up and draped with chains so I'm not so worried about the length of it.  The main skirt, when hemmed, will hit right above my friend's knee. 
There's a lot of layers basted together with the skirt: tulle netting attached to main skirt; main skirt; overskirt; and the pleats.  I still need to baste the slip/petticoat to the skirt for a total of five layers.  I'm counting the pleats since they add bulk to the skirt.  That's a lot to attach to the bodice.  I worry about the skirt pulling the bodice down too much because of bulk and weight.  I guess I'll find out when I sew it together.

In fact, the skirt portion of this dress relied on a lot of prep/basting.  The actually sewing of the pieces together was easy.  Don't skip steps!  If you're using slippery fabrics that basting is a life-saver.

The only step I do say to skip is the step where you hem the main skirt.  I say save that for last.  You want the dress to hit you correctly, regardless if you are making the short or long version.  My friend is tall so I don't want the dress to be too long or too short on her but find the right balance.  Contrariwise, I'm short, so if I was making the long version for myself, it'll end up dragging on the ground.  (And then I'll end up stepping on it, which reminds me of my junior prom and how I ripped the hem of my dress because it was too long on me, even in high heels.)

Hopefully I'll be returning to my coat in the next post!  But there's a lot coming up!  Dragon*Con is so close I can smell it in the air!


Mary B. said...

It's a lot of work, but it's worth it! :)

Gin said...

i love love that you are doing steampunk. i recently did 3 for my family. WHERE ARE THE PICS OF THE FINAL PRODUCT???