Saturday, July 7, 2012

What's the matter with tulle?

Sorry it's been so long between posts.  It's been a little crazy over here.  So the skirt for Simplicity 1910 is nearing completion.  There's been some hiccups, most notably the cutting of the tulle.  Either I don't know how to read pattern instructions or these instructions are changing on a whim.  We (my friend and I) originally bought what we believed to be "enough" tulle according to the pattern envelope.  We get back to my sewing room, which is beginning to look like Jo-Ann's barfed up in it, and began cutting.  Turns out we were a little short and needed to go back and get some more tulle to cut.  So on a different day, we go back, get more tulle, and cut out the last piece for the skirt.  Then somewhere along the line, I decided to purchase more tulle, just in case.

Sewing ensues.  Cursing ensues.  Ripping ensues.  Then more sewing, more cursing, more ripping and a large glass of wine.  I wasn't expecting this nightmare!  I thought this would be an easy sew up.  But combining the too slippery fabrics: nylon tulle netting and polyester satin, proved to be my undoing.

The pattern calls for basting the tulle to the skirt pieces and then sewing the skirt up.  Fine, makes sense to me.  Now why doesn't that make sense to my machine?  Apparently my sewing machine's basting stitch has no tension at all.  So everything I basted, fell apart the moment I took it away from the machine.  Once I figured that out, and added some tension into the machine basting, it was easier basting.  Now getting the tulle pinned to the main fabric?  That was obnoxious.  The tulle kept slipping and shifting.  Once I got past those little obstacles, the skirt went together quickly.  Of course this involved more cursing and wine.

The overskirt is going together easily!  This is the first time I'm doing french seams, and it is a lot easier than I realized.  I'm not fighting with the sheer fabric as much as I did with the tulle.  The hemming was a little wonky, but it's done and the overskirt was basted to the main skirt.  

<- Overskirt in gold sheer, skirt in gold satin and tulle netting in gold.

Overskirt and main skirt, pre-hemming. ->

More Simplicity 1910 skirt next time!

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